JavaZone 2010: Excellent as Always

I usually don’t write just about the experience of conference. But for some reasons I really like JavaZone conference… I’ve spoken there couple of times and every time it stands out from the rest. Is it a band, or stadium venue, or excellent equipment, or sheer number of people that is attending it – don’t know. But every conference we have back in states, including TSSJS and JavaHome, just looks boring and pedestrian in comparison.

Plenty of good sessions too. I’ve listened to couple of Scala ones – and really liked Jones Boner’s one on Akka. I’ve heard the same presentation before and I was looking how Jonas will fit plenty of content in just 60 minutes. It came out all right to my ear but you needed to follow up closely as Akka stuff is not that obvious.

Few quirks – as always.

Evening session drew significantly less people on second and third days and that’s unfortunate as there were plenty of excellent talks – but folks got really tired by then.

If you are the speaker – you must not have a fear of height as you are to present from the small platform hoisted by cables at 4 story building height! That threw me off initially and I was really surprised there were no accidents as even the stairs were extremely steep.

Finding the entrance for the “room” (nothing more than a section of the stadium separated by the drapes) was a challenge on its own initially. There were no clear marks (or no marks at all) – but if you found it once you usually can find it again.

Abundance of consulting shops on the exhibit floor is about the only downside of this conference. I understand they need to hire and attract people – but there is got be at least couple of actual software development companies in Scandinavia. In the sea of body-shops – it was hard to find one.

All in all – an excellent conference and is highly recommended as always.

Last but not the least – Scandinavian’s herring dishes are something else. I wish I could bring this back to states but I’m sure customs will partake it.

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