Looking Back at 2010


2010 is almost over and it is interesting to look back at the last 12 months.

2010 was equally challenging, exciting and tough 12 months for GridGain project and GridGain Systems, the company behind it. Economy is still sputtering here in US and around the globe and it affects all of us, especially startup companies in enterprise software markets. Some of our competitors and friends collapsed, some downsized and some hunkered down. We took this opportunity to dig deeper into product development and skipped the release schedule by one cycle. In retrospect – it allowed us to have a massively successful GridGain 3.0 launch.

2010 was the year of GridGain 3.0 launch – the most ambitious product release in our history. The product more than doubled in size and it finally delivers on our original vision of unified platform combining compute grid, data grid and cloud auto-scaling. To this date – we are still the only industry middleware that has this combination.

In 2010 we got funded and it greatly helped us with business execution and we carefully turning an open source project into profitable enterprise to further provide technological leadership in our space.

We’ve spent significant portion of 2010 on the… planes and trains. We’ve presented at over 30 conferences and user groups around the globe. We’ve visited over dozens countries and few dozens cities. We are thankful for each and every one of you who came to our talks.

2010 was the year when we finally rolled out our Scala support with Scalar DSL for cloud computing. This is an area where we’ll be concentrating more and more in the coming months.

2010 saw several people leaving GridGain and few key contributors coming onboard. 2010 was the year when we are moved to 100% SaaS platform to run our business and we are finally a 100% virtual company with near zero carbon footprint. It is interesting that GridGain, a cloud computing company, doesn’t own a single server for its operations.

2010 was also the year where some of us got older and hopefully wiser 🙂

Happy New Year and stay tuned!

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