GridGain 3.1 – What To Expect?

GridGain 3.1 will be an important release for us for several technical and business reasons:

  • This is the first release where we will separate community and enterprise editions on the release schedule.
  • GridGain 3.1e will be released first for Enterprise edition and Community edition will see the light later on in Q4 2011.
  • This is the first release to follow on our newly updated pricing model including silver and gold subscriptions.
  • GridGain 3.1e will see initial support for Document API. You’ll be able to store any document-based objects in data grid (like JSON or Java maps) and perform indexed SQL queries on them. Very powerful addition that makes GridGain 3.1 an ideal storage for “soft-schema” or NoSQL applications.
  • GridGain 3.1e will introduce REST access to the main compute and data grid functionality.
  • License support will be significantly improved for live production environments including live license update.
  • Significant improvements to TCP-based discovery with several IP-finder and metric-store implementation. This SPI is geared towards large deployments with hundreds of nodes.
  • Cumulative bug fixes updates, especially stability enhancements for data grid.
  • Several deprecations on SPI and certain API we no longer planning to support. Notably we have decided to drop support for JGroups.


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