GridGain 3.0 – Ideal OEM Cloud Application Platform?

Since the release of GridGain 3.0 last year we’ve seen a surge of interest in OEM licensing of GridGain. We’ve been caught a little bit off guard here – and I’ll try to rationalize this dynamic in this blog.

When we started GridGain project 5 years ago the OEM wasn’t even something we considered as a viable licensing option. In fact, why would anyone want to black-box the entire cloud middleware to use in their own software products?

After talking to our customers I see now three critical reasons that make GridGain probably the only OEM friendly cloud computing software:

1. SPI Architecture

If there is one single feature that drives rapid OEM adoption of GridGain it would be our unique SPI (Service Provider Interface) based architecture. Similar in ideas to OSGi or CSA but tightly integrated into the core of GridGain – it allows for unprecedented customization of GridGain.

In fact, GridGain has 11 subsystems that can be totally replaced by user-provided implementations without affecting the rest of GridGain operations. From auto-discovery to communication protocols, from failover management to collision resolution, from deployment to tracing, from advanced load balancing to bootstrapping – GridGain is the industry only cloud computing middleware that has these capabilities.

For OEM usage this capability is critical. For example, the inability to customize the discovery and communication protocols is essentially a deal breaker for most of the OEM usage as cloud middleware should be able to blend into the hosting environment. GridGain allows to reuse existing networking/protocol infrastructure or adopt it via its advance SPI architecture.

2. Integrated Compute and Data Grids

GridGain remains the only distributed middleware of any kind that provides full integration between state of the art built from the ground up compute and data grid technologies. No need to awkwardly emulate compute grid with data grid or vice versa. No need to integrated desperately different projects or sacrifice on features. 

For EOM users this is critical. They projects and requirements will undoubtedly change over time and they need middleware that will support them going further. From OLTP to OLAP processing, from BigData to near real-time MapReduce, from few to thousands of computers in the cluster/grid/cloud – GridGain provides cohesive platform for high performance distributed OEM applications. 

3. Enterprise Edition & Commercial Licensing

OEM license is available for GridGain Enterprise Edition. Not only it includes enterprise features not available in Community Edition but it also includes support making OEM licensing safe and simple choice: you get the software that you can private label, unlimited usage and you get the original support from people who built that software and not a 3rd party provider.

Simple, effective and to the point – just the way we like it!

And our OEM license is based on our commercial license – so our customers don’t have to deal with Apache or GPL consequences for their own software. It also removes any legal exposures potentially associated with open source licenses.