GigaSpaces “borrows” marketing idea from… GridGain.

Here’s what happened.

About three weeks ago we’ve released the video called "Have You Ever Wondered?" that explains what GridGain is. It’s available on our YouTube Channel.

We worked very hard on it, hired a company that helped us to produce the video and hone the message. We blogged about it (look below in this blog), twit it, etc. We came up with what we believe is a very effective headline that helps non-technical person to understand what GridGain is all about. Our video starts with this headline:

Have you ever wondered how companies like Amazon, EBay and Google manage to build their software systems that seamlessly scale up on demand to thousands of computers?

Now, here comes the GigaSpaces, the company that competes with us. We’ve had pretty healthy battle over past several years for various customers and with the release of GridGain 3.0 last year we’ve actually started winning more. Be it as it may, about a week ago (just two weeks after we released our video), GigaSpaces sent out their newsletter with the following headline in it:

Have you ever wondered how industry leaders handle their scalability issues?

Screenshot of that newsletter is below:

As they say, find the similarities… Now, I understand competition and all. But blatant plagiarism is just not cool.

Not cool at all.

One response

  1. I never heard of either of your companies until reading this article, which was quiet interesting.

    You’ve created a fairly positive spin for your company on the fact that your competitor “borrowed” your Marketing idea… not bad. Over to you evil Gigaspaces 🙂

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