GridGain’s Round A Funding

We announced this week that we’ve closed round A funding for our company (see the official press release) led by RTP Ventures. This is a significant milestone for us and clear manifestation of how far we’ve come as a project and as a company to this date.

GridGain has always been an engineering company first and foremost – and will remain so going forward. We’ve pushed back on getting funded for as long as we could to make sure we build a product and prove it in the market place first. Getting institutional investment means agreeing on much more articulated business rhythm and we wanted to have the flexibility to pause, reassess, pivot and make sure we develop GridGain platform organically just way we see it from the engineering stand point.

By the mid of 2011 we’ve reached the point where we believed we needed to get proper organization in place as we were swamped with new business. Few months later we’ve got several terms sheets on the table.

As we look forward into the next year GridGain 4.0 in Q112 will be one of our the most significant product announcements further solidifying our technology lead in Real Time Big Data processing. Stay tuned!

And by the way… WE ARE HIRING both in Saint Petersburg, Russia and Foster City, CA.

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